Monday, November 24, 2014

November 2014 | No Chicks in Aprons

Due to the Holiday, there will be no Chicks in Aprons on November 24th. We will begin meeting monthly again in January! Keep your eyes peeled for more information to come! We will be starting with "No-Sew Aprons" in January!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 2014 | Fall & Winter Wreaths

How great are these wreaths?! You can decorate your front door in so many ways!! Jump on Pinterest and get some ideas!

Fall wreaths
Winter wreaths
Holiday wreaths

Here are the tutorials for the wreaths shown in the picture above:
(1) Hexagon Wooden Wreath
(2) Christmas Ornament Wreath
(3) Fall Flannel Wreath
(4) Winter Wreath
(5) Chevron Wreath

Remember, bring all the supplies and materials needed to complete your project. Many of us bring some items to share as well.

Bring a snack or drink to share with the group.

And be sure to RSVP!! Ways to RSVP...
(1) Leave a comment on this blog
(2) RSVP at HCC Connect
(3) Email April

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 2014 | Painting Furniture

We hope you will join us for our September Chicks in Aprons!

We are painting furniture and we have a special guest teacher, Gini Donaldson!
She will be showing us how to paint using chalk paint. However, you can bring any paint you wish to try!!

Find a small piece of furniture to refinish and paint! We will be working outside, so if it rains...we will have to reschedule!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Be sure to RSVP!! Leave a comment here or email us to let us know you are coming!

Monday, July 21, 2014

August 2014 | Homemade Sugar Scrubs

I am SO excited about this class!!

AUGUST 25th  |  6:30pm  |  VERB Lounge

We will be making "Homemade Sugar Scrubs!" These make wonderful gifts, or the perfect addition to your beauty routine! And there are SO many different types of scrubs to choose from!!

If you don't already have a Pinterest account, you should get one!! There are so many wonderful ideas there! I have gone ahead and searched out a TON of ideas for sugar scrubs for this our August Chicks in Aprons class. They are simply easy to make as well!

Check out the ideas here:

Do you want to add some sweet little labels to your scrubs and bath bombs? Check those out here:

And don't worry about forking out lots of dough for sweet little containers to put your scrubs in either...check out Goodwill and the Dollar Store for perfect low-cost options! You could even use small mason jars and I've even seen people re-use baby food jars!

Like I said, I am so excited for Augusts class! It's going to smell so heavenly in there!

If you have any questions, just let me know!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

July 21st | Fabric & Paper Flowers

JULY 21st at 6:30pm in the VERB Lounge

July's projects are going to be so great!! So many options too!!
This month will work a little differently because I will be teaching a few different flower techniques...some paper, some fabric.
So you can come prepared to finish a certain projects, but be prepared to learn a few different techniques!

Here are some great ideas!!



So as you can see the possibilities are endless!!

Supply ideas to bring with you:
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Gun Sticks
  • Scissors
    • Scissors that cut different shapes, scalloped, etc.
  • Fabric or Paper
    • Solid color paper
    • patterned paper
    • Solid color fabric
      • Organza, cotton, corduroy, etc.
    • Patterned fabric
    • Felt (any color)
    • Tissue and/or crepe paper
    • Coffee Filters
  • Ribbon
    • Organza, Rick Rack, etc.
  • String (colored)
  • Candles (tea lights work great for candle method)
  • Tweezers or small tongs (to hold fabric for candle method)
  • Needle & thread
Other misc items (Needed dependent upon your projects):
  • Headbands
  • Hair Clips
  • Safety Pins
  • Broach Pins

Ways to RSVP:
If you have any questions, just let me know!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

June 2014 | Recycled Tin Can Crafts

Chicks in Aprons in June will be so much fun!! There are tons of ideas and potential with our base supply...Tin Cans.

Here are some cute ideas!
Check out a ton of ideas here!!

As far as supplies go...well you will need TIN CANS...small ones or big ones...that's up to you and the project you decide on!
If you will be painting your tin cans, you will need your paint and paint brushes.
If you are accessorizing your tin cans, you will need hot glue and all your accessories.

If you have ANY questions about what supplies you will need to complete a specific idea...just email us with the link to your project idea and we will help you out with a supply list!

BE sure to RSVP for this event, so we know how many to set up for! Invite friends and family to attend with you and RSVP for them as well.

We'd also love if you brought a snack/drink to share! Who doesn't love snacking while they craft?!

Ways to RSVP:

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

May 2014 Project | Plastic Spoon Crafts

Check out all the details below!!

There are so many great crafts that you can do with plastic spoons...who knew?!

I will list as many ideas as I come it's up to you to pick a project and gather all the supplies you will need to complete it! There will be plenty of ladies on hand to help you out, and for all you crafting newbies...don't be scared. Try something new, you just may surprise yourself!!

I always recommend searching Pinterest for tons of ideas!! If you don't already have an account, you  need one! It's free and there are TONS of ideas on almost EVERYTHING!

Project Ideas  |  Don't feel like you have to limit yourself to just one project. Or just any of the projects listed below. Do your own searching and find something perfect for you! Or perfect for someone else, and give a sweet handmade gift!
(I have already saved a ton of project ideas on my Chicks in Aprons Pinterest Board. Many are for plastic spoon crafts and others are for future Chicks in Aprons Projects! Be sure to take a look!)

More specifically, here are a ton of great ideas from Pinterest:
Plastic Spoon Crafts
Plastic Spoon Art
Plastic Spoon Ideas

Spoon Mirror

If you choose this project, I recommend pre-painting your spoons ahead of time in an effort to save time. OR buy already colored spoons.

Possible Supplies: (Be sure to check out a tutorial to know exactly what you will need for the look you are going for) Cardboard, Scissors, Mirror, Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Spoons (colored or plain), Spray Paint, etc.

Spoon Flowers/Spoon Necklace

Possible Supplies: (Be sure to check out a tutorial to know exactly what you will need for the look you are going for) Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Spoons (colored or plain), Spray Paint, Necklace to attach flower, safety pins, etc.

Spoon Pendant Lights

Possible Supplies: (Be sure to check out a tutorial to know exactly what you will need for the look you are going for) Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Spoons (colored or plain), Spray Paint, Light Kit (talk to Lowe's or Home Depot Rep about the best kind of kit that doesn't get too hot, Plastic Container, Accessories (like feathers shown above)

Spoon Vases

Tutorial  |  Tutorial

Possible Supplies: (Be sure to check out a tutorial to know exactly what you will need for the look you are going for) Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Spoons (colored or plain), Spray Paint, Vases, Cans, Jars, etc.

REMEMBER...don't assume that I have listed ALL the supplies you will need to complete your project! Check out tutorials and make sure you have all you will need. Plenty of us have extras (i.e. scissors, glue sticks, etc.) to share. However, you will need the complete list specific tools, accessories and supplies for your project.

So there are a ton of great ideas to start with!! Remember, don't limit yourself! Get creative! This is all about having fun with the ladies!! If you need ideas or help gathering your supplies or what you will need, just ASK!