Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Class - Photos

The Ladies had a great time assembling felt hearts...with tons of felt we all have numb fingertips; but it was all worth it!!!

Enjoy some photos from the evening!!

See you in March!

Felt Heart Decor - February Class Tutorial

This week, we made the most adorable Felt Heart Door's the lowdown on what you need and how to make one at home!

Felt (any color) 10-12 sheets
Ribbon (to hang your decor)
Straight Pins/Dress Pins (250+)
Heart Shaped Styrofoam Heart (I know Hobby Lobby carries them)
Your supplies should total around $14-16

Now, here's the HOW-TO

So I am gonna do a quick run down of the fastest way to cut out your circles, cause you are going to need A LOT of them!! First you want to cut your felt sheet in half...

Then cut it in half again...

Then cut them in half...

You still with me? Now you should have about an inch to an inch and a half wide stripe that is 8 inches long. (estimated) Now you need to zig zag fold this...

Now, cut off the corners forming a circle. You can cut a complete circle out if you want, whatever works for you. And no, your circles do not have to be perfect...

Now...grab your pins and your's time to start assembling this baby...

Take one circle and fold it in half...

Then in half again...till you have this little felty bundle...

Stick one pin through the point of your felt circle bundle and push it into your styrofoam heart...

Pack them as tight or as loose as you desire...and keep folding, sticking and pushing...

No really, keep going...

And before long, you'll be DONE!!
It helps to have a little cutie-pah-tootie nearby to help show off the final result...and it's even better if she exclaims "oh I loooveee ittt aweeee" and gives it a hug. *adorable!*

Then you are complete. The adding the ribbon is pretty self-explainatory...I assume. Just cut the ribbon to desired length and stick it to the back of your heart with more pins.

*Note, your pointer and thumb finger will more than likely be numb at the tip by the end of this...but no one ever said crafting isn't hard work!!!*

Here's my finished product!

Stay tuned for pictures from the Class...the ladies had such a good time!! If you didn't make it, sorry we missed you!! Hope we catch you in March!! :) Keep your eyes out for the March project, and be sure to "like" us on Facebook, so you can get the information on the upcoming Classes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

February Class

Boy the Holidays got the best of us, but we are back on track!

February 1st is our first Class for 2011 and I am so excited about what we will be making!


These are just a few of the ideas that I have run across. When you R.S.V.P.,  your supplies list will include the supplies (cost around $12) for the Felt Wreaths/door hangers (shown in the first two example photos.)

I also gleefully challenge you to do your own search for other project ideas, like the burlap/felt heart picture frame. (shown in the third example photo)There are so many cute ideas out there, and there will be plenty of gals there at the Class to help you on the project too!

Have fun with it and be creative!! Hope to see all of you wonderful ladies there!

Remember to  R.S.V.P. to to get your supplies list!  And as a reminder, we will be starting promptly at 6:30 p.m. to ensure enough time for the devotion and project!