About C.I.A.

My name is April. I had an idea many months ago, of starting a place where Teens and Young Women, and the slightly more life-experienced Women (heehee) could get together and LEARN and GROW with each other!

Everyone is invited. 9th Grade-99 years old!
Teens in High School.
Young Ladies in College or early Career.
The Stay-at-Home-Mom.
The Career Gal.
The Retiree.

It's open to all of us, because you see...women love many things, and almost all of us love a few special things:

   -  Cooking & Baking!
   -  Arts & Crafts!
   -  Being Creative!
   -  Having a ball with other Women!
    So, I thought these were GREAT places to start!

    Chicks in Aprons is a monthly meeting of the Ladies of Heritage from Girls of High School and and up! We meet to learn new things, to teach each other great skills and to grow together spiritually!

    We will be meeting the FIRST TUESDAY of every month. Here are the upcoming dates:

      -  October 5th
      -  November 2nd
      -  December 7th

    Each month a different lady will get to be our "Host Chick"; anyone can be a Host Chick. They are responsible for planning the Activity and Devotional for the month. It's completely up to the Host Chick! It could be baking a pie, making curtains, knitting, making homemade cards, hemming pants, felting soap, scrapbooking, taking pictures, hair care, etc. WHATEVER! As long as it's creative and you can teach someone else the skill! As the Host Chick, you will create a supplies list needed for the Activity; this way each Chick that attends can plan to have all the supplies needed for that month's Class.

    It's THAT easy...and it's going to be SO much fun!!

    Just a great time to get together, grow together and learn new skills!

    I am very excited to see where this Ministry takes us and all the new friends we will make!

    If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns; please feel free to contact April at ChicksinAprons@verizon.net.

    See you at the next Class!

    View Past Classes:

      -  September 7th

    ---Chicks in Aprons is sponsored by VERB Student Ministry in support of the L.O.V.E. Girls Ministry starting in the Fall of 2010!---